"The Cross At Kerrville"

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Sat. Dec. 15 2018

Roy Holley, Louada Raschke, Hillory Parker, Dawn Kanady December 22nd 2018

Louada Raschke, Jim Musso, Dawn Kanady, Roy Holley December 8th 2018

Louada, Dawn, Roy, Randy and Susan recording radio shows for November 2018.

Max Greiner, Jeff Anderson, Carol & Richard Reinhard were guests on the February 2018 programs

Mayor Bonnie and Pastor Robert White were guests on the November and December programs

Matt Tyykila was a guest on the September 2017 shows

Jeff & Barbara Anderson were guests on the May 2017 shows

Debbye Meszaros and Terry Shreiner were guests on the February 2017 shows

Carol Coates was a guest on January 2017 shows

Col. Bill Lewis was the guest for the July 2015 programs

Dr. Robby Carpenter (by phone), Patsy Jordan and Kathy Lyles shared testimony in November of 2016

David Danielson was a guest on all October 2016 shows

Station Manager/Owner Gene Bender launch the Austin show with Max Greiner, Jr. on 2/7/15

Show Host, Roy Holley, TCKF Trustees Max & Sherry Greiner, and Narrator Herb Shackelford launch the San Antonio show on 2/7/15

Spiritual mentor, Jim Beard of College Station and Greiner friend since 1971, was the guest for the August 2015 radio shows.

Missionary evangelist, Becky Bowen and TCKF Vice President, Johnny Sharp were guests on the June 2015 programs.

Jack and Carol Rothenflue were guests for the November 2015 radio shows.

TCKF Tour Guide Chaplain, Blair Guidry, TCKF Trustee, Louada Raschke, and Tour Guide Chaplain, Jeff Anderson were guests for the October 2015 programs.

Monte and Beverly Paddleford were guests for the January 2016 programs.

Pastor Bill and Sue Hart of CATHEDRAL OF PRAISE church in Austin were guests for the December 2015 programs.

Steve and Susan Casey were guests, with their friend, David Joiner, on the July 2016 radio programs.

Roy Holley and Becky Jons were guests for the February 2016 programs.

Prayer warriors, Jim McKnight and Bobby Cason, were guests on the September 2016 radio programs.

Blair Guidry, Kirk & Kelle Richter were guests on the August 2016 programs.

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Thanks to our Sponsors, “THE CROSS AT KERRVILLE” radio broadcast is self-supporting!

No funds donated to TCKF to build the THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN are used to pay for the weekly radio shows, that are broadcast on KSLR 630 AM in San Antonio and KTXW 1120 AM in Austin. Thanks to these generous Sponsors, this evangelistic radio show is broadcast each weekend across much of the state of Texas. In addition, these 30 minute programs can be heard from anywhere, any time, 24/7, thanks to our RADIO SHOW ARCHIVES available here via the internet.

Each week, after hearing remarkable personal testimonies, thousands of listeners are given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior.  Each week, Christians are given the opportunity to receive the nine Gifts Of The Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Each week, people are inspired by true testimonies of Believers who have experienced modern day miracles in their lives, many of which have happened at “The Empty Cross” in Kerrville.

Would you please thank and support our Sponsors for paying for this inspirational radio show, which boldly declares that our God is a living God, who is still answers prayers and works miracles our day?

Most Christian radio programs share what God did thousands of years ago. ‘'THE CROSS AT KERRVILLE” program shares what God did last week, and last month, in the lives of thousands of Christians who have visited THE COMING KING SCULPTURE PRAYER GARDEN!

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