“Sherry and I invite you to join with our family, the Board of Trustees of The Coming King Foundation and many other Christians to support a totally unique evangelistic outreach. We believe it will be used by God for His glory, to bring millions of people to Jesus Christ.

Please take a moment now to pray and ask God if he wants you to be involved in someway, in the creation of these Sculpture Prayer Gardens around the world, so others may know our Lord and Savior.

Your prayerful consideration is sincerely appreciated. May the Holy Spirit of God touch your heart and reveal His will for you, as you review this unique “vision”.

In the King's service,

TCKF President

Meet The Board of Trustees and Staff (2017 - 2018)


Max Greiner, Jr.

Vice President

Stockton Williams


Weldon Baker


Linda Forse

TCKF Leadership Team

Pictured left to right: (Front Row)

Richard Reinhard, Esther Baker, Becky Flowers, Carol Reinhard, Kathy Lyles, Sherry Greiner, Max Greiner, Jr.

(Second Row)

Weldon Baker, Susan Casey, Carol Coates, Barbara Anderson, Debbye Meszaros, Louada Raschke

(Third Row)

Bob Carey, Karl Jack, Stockton Williams, Linda Forse, Jack Turner, Monica Wilhite


Debbye Meszaros

Rozalind Bell

Meet The Donor Artists

Beverly Paddleford

David Broussard

Max Greiner Jr.