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The first Sculpture Prayer Garden will be in Kerrville, Texas, on Interstate 10, about 60 miles northwest of San Antonio. This 23 acre site will be located on a hill right above the highway and named The Coming King Sculpture Garden. The Garden is halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, located along the southernmost, east/west corridor in the USA. This one Garden will be seen by millions of interstate travelers and will be an unforgettable national landmark, for all who pass by. The Holy Spirit of God will cause many of these people to actually stop at the Garden and find salvation in Christ, during their brief visit.

This website segment will document the construction of the Kerrville Garden and other Gardens as they are built. Eventually, a "virtual tour" will be presented of the completed Gardens. Click here to see the progress of the Kerrville Garden.

The Board of Trustees of The Coming King Foundation believes that God will place many of these Gardens around the USA and world, on both private land and on the campus grounds of churches, seminaries, and ministries and Christian colleges. Would you pray and ask God if He wants you to help us build one of these Gardens? Thank you for your prayerful consideration.


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