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Kerrville Garden
520 Benson Dr.
Kerrville, Texas, USA

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The Coming King Foundation

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The Coming King Foundation


Pave The Way To The Cross


The Cross At Kerrville


Ambassadors Of The Cross

This is the main "Flag Ship" website of the non-profit, 501c3 non-denominational Christian art foundation which shares the purposes and history of the organization. This website shares how you can help pave the way to the cross by praying for and supporting this unique "last days" method of evangelism. This website shares documented, supernatural miracles that are occurring daily at The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas. This website serves the Membership Division of TCKF, those who have pledged to lift up Jesus Christ in public wherever they go.

Board of Trustees & Staff (2016 - 2017)

Max Greiner, Jr.
Vice President
Johnny Sharp
Weldon Baker
Carol Reinhard



The Coming King Board of Trustees 2014

  Debbye Meszaros
Summer Holt


TCKF Leadership Team

Pictured left to right: (Back Row)
Max Greiner, Jr., Dr. Javier Campos, Karl Jack, Johnny Sharp, Richard Reinhard, Cliff McCalley

(Front Row)
Sherry Greiner, Louada Raschke, Nancy Redhead, Judy Sharp, Debbie McCalley, Bob Glover
(Not pictured Carol Reinhard, Jack Turner & Lisa Corbin-Scarpa)

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